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Originally Posted by Vertnut
I think the table is being set for that very thing. The "silent majority" reared it's head in that election, and no one saw it coming. Folks think it's bad now...Carter left us with double-digit inflation, 11% mortgages, and 20% auto loans! I know, because I was there. Besides the financial debacle he caused, we were also considered cowardice in dealing with the hostages in Iran.
Factor in, however, that most people are seeing the economy now, as worse than that. Especially the ones who weren't alive then (they can vote). Most of them think (because it's true) that this economy is the Bush administration's fault. With that, they view it as a Republican problem. I think a lot of people assume that any Republican will just keep the economy going on the downward spiral it's going down, and will vote Democrat just because it's not Republican.

If McCain gets elected, hopefully he won't be a miserable failure like George W. Bush was.
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