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Originally posted by ShawnQ
what's the 'mirror and pinch test'?

Is this a way to see what the extra weight is?
I just meant that, even though I was heavier on the scale, the mirror doesn't show any extra bodyfat and my skin feels as tight as it was a week ago. Weight alone is not a good measure of body composition.

I seem to fluctuate about 5-10 lbs daily, but I drink a ton of water all day...it may be why. I seem a LOT skinnier when I wake up then when I go to sleep for some reason also..
That's why I suggest weighing only once per week, and at the same time of day. Water weight fluctuates constantly, but is usually on a daily cycle if you water intake and diet are fairly constant. You are lighter in the morning because your body processes all the water retained the night before and it's expelled first thing in the morning.

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