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Originally Posted by Jim H
There is a beauty in the desert that you don't realize until you live there a while. Do people still go off roading out at red sands, east side out Montana Avenue?

The one thing I don't miss is the good old dust storms that blew up from April till early June if I remember correctly.

Gussies Tamales on Pieadras (?). Damn those things were the best I ever had.
About the whole off roading....I'm just not sure. I think that they still do it..but not as much. El Paso is growing so damn fast it wouldn't surprise me if there are houses out there now.

Yeah those dust storms sucked major donkey balls. It seemed like I could NEVER keep my cars clean for more than a day because of all the dust in the air. Not to mention how crazy my allergies were too.

And yes...Gussies has some damn good tamales. Ah my old stomping grounds. I grew up on Mountain Street right down the road from Rusk Elementary. I used to ALWAYS go to that little convenience store on the corner. For any that know what I'm talking about it's called R&S. I miss El Paso....sometimes more than others. I am hoping to go home for Spring Break in March to visit everyone. I'll definitely be making a stop at Chicos and all the other kick ass places in the big EP!
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