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Originally Posted by Jim H
Lived there for 15 years and ate a lot of Chico's tacos. I never wanted to ask what kind of ground up meat, ie: stomachs, livers, noses ect, was in them as I'm sure I'd never touch them again.

Freds in Jaurez was the place to get a sandwich and Tecate's at 3am.

EP was a fun place in the late 70's/ early 80's.
Yes sir! Freds was quite the place. Ate a sandwich there on many occasions. Also used to go to the derby a lot. Of course this was all before they really started cracking down on all the damn teenagers going over there.

Oh and didn't go to "La Cate" but I had several buddies that did. I actually graduated "De la Jeff!" The pride of the southside!
(funny thing is I lived in Santa Teresa area when I went to Jeff, graduated from the Magnet School in 97!)
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