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Scam warning...

I doubt many of you would fall for this scam but I thought I would warn anyway. A co-worker of mine got nabbed today at lunch on this.
2 guys approached him at a gas station and said they were home theater installers and thier company screwed up and shipped in an extra system. They showed him a magazine with a review article about the system claiming the msrp was 3999.99 and it was a top notch system. He knew nothing about home audio and jumped at the 300 dollar price the offered it to him for.

I had never heard of the brand "Genesis medialabs" so I googled it for him and came up with about 40 other people on forums and blogs talking about the exact same situation and how the new in box items would work for a day or 2 and then blow up.

So beware, they seem to prey on anyone near an ATM or bank on payday and have the magazine and wear uniforms with some home theater installation company name on it.
They were in denton today, no telling where they will be tomorrow.
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