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Originally Posted by The Raven
I'm not calling BS Don, as you've got no reason too, but something is awry. I repped 945 for 6 tonight at about 98% capacity for 4 sets, and my squat is well over 315. You're telling me that you put up 270 more than that?
I do my typical leg workout now at 10 wheels on the same sled. we put up 16, I pushed that x 2. 20 x 1, 22 x 1 and then 23 x 1.

I go in thighs to my chest, and push until my legs are locked, then I rack it. Call it what you want.

Originally Posted by HarrisonBT
I sound shit out man, lol. Firefox didnt have a suggestion. I figure A) I'm waay too far off, or B) It's spanish, and Firefox is an English Fox.

I facepalm myself.
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