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my facebook really stired this guy up..

posted a poll on my facebook asking if people thought obama was a bad president.. its long so just read the shit preston crowe posted..

Matthew Gordon Is Obama the worst President ever?
via Polls Only Friends · Comment ·LikeUnlike · Vote NowBryan Graham, John Hicks and 2 others like this.
Preston Crowe Impossible
· John Hicks Yes
· Preston Crowe Besides, look what he is working with... A bunch of people that have no pride in their own country, or confidence. If all we see or want is failure that's what we will work, works the same for a political battle too.. come on people!
· Will Bezold Yes
· Matthew Gordon I have all the pride in the world for American just not his Muslim lovin ass..
· Preston Crowe Muslim isn't the problem. The ideology that some Muslim extreamest posses to justify their actions is however a problem. I can show u history that shows much worse treatment that these people have inflicted over u. American people destroyed more human lives than they could ever inflict on us. Do u remember the Indias? I don't they were ...
See More
punished by muslim. They aren't the problem, it's the terror cells that are. Do some research honestly.. Otherwise u will always be mad and uninformed on really what's happening in our nation.
· Charlie Benson I don't who mr. Crowe is but I think someone needs to remember that this is America an we don't put up with incompentent presidents. I think what we need is a good'ol impeachment!!!
· Charlie Benson Or can we just bring G DUb back let's give him 4 more yrs.
· John Hicks Ok how about his socialistic ideals. The man is a socialist and a communist. He wants complete government control. Can you say hitler? The man is purposely setting America up for destruction from the inside out.
· Preston Crowe America has been a problem since day one, we created America with sorrow and death, it's our American history. Obama is trying to fix this capitolizm garbage.. So what if he likes socializm, obviously capitolizm doesn't work, look at where we are..still worried about getting richer and more money, and disregard for the rest of the humans in our ...
See More
world. Obama is fighting a cancer that thrives in America, it's going to take more that one year, and more support to see the best outcome. Look at china's country, look around.. The us is destroying it's own country with capitolizim, greed and we don't even care because half of us are happy with our money, but fail to look around at the rest of the world. Our public is poor, unheathy, cancer is climbing by the numbers, pollution kills nearly 30 thousand each year, our food are full of toxins, we are lead around by oil industries, pharmasuitcal indutries, and u think the president is the problem? The only way any man could fix this country is with total control. Congress, money, and greed run America, so blam all of america as a whole, because he can't fix it by him self! If u think he can u better ask somebody!
· Preston Crowe I'm typing on my iPhone lol, sorry for the crappy grammer lol
· Charlie Benson I think this needs to go to DFWstangs lol!!!
· Matthew Gordon Ahh.. I gotta go to work but I'll throw a couple words later
· Matthew Gordon I think your right mr Charles
· John Hicks Greed will never cease to exist. Competiton and capitolism is what makes America great. Free enterprise forces people to do their best and contribute to an economy. What has welfare led to? A corrupt system that takes money away from people who work and gives it to people who are lazy assholes that live off of it and are allowed to do so their ...
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whole lives. When has socialism ever worked? A government is the most corrupt part of a country and u think they need total control? Mark my words, Obama will destroy this country if he is allowed to continue his plans. Get ready to speak russian and chinese
· Ronda Kincheloe matthew don't know who mr crowe is but hey we can all quite our jobs and get on welfare let him control our lives like he wants to after Three more years I don't think we'll have this problem!
· Jacque Gordon Obviously, Mr. Crowe, you are not from our part of the world. Or you are just stuck in your own!!!
· Bryan Graham Fuck Obama. He was elected based on a trend created by the simple minded minority and the cocksucking whites that feel the need to help the "brotha" that the "MAN" has kept down for so long.
about an hour ago · Will Bezold I would have to agree with Jaque. And I think perhaps mr crowe should educate himself a bit on Islam before he purports himself as being informed on the subject and tells other people to educate themselves. Were you calling for teamwork to back up the honorable Mr. W?
· Leana Kincheloe I agree with crowe that our country was founded in part on greed and slavery but socialism only works in theory and complete government control will never have the people in mind because anyone in that position of power is going to take all for themselves I don't think Obama was a great choice for president but I also do not believe he is an evil ...
See More
human being and pointing out he is a Muslim is entirely irrelevant because there are tyrants in every religion and every walk of life. Obama won't destroy our country we will eventually have a new president.
· Matthew Gordon hopefully a republican..
· Preston Crowe Yall don't know me, because i don't know u, but look here, i grew up in a world in which i got to see it all poor, rich and I can sit here and tell u first hand that welfare is not a bad thing. I wish you would come tell me my lil baby niece doesn't deserve to eat!!! I was on welfare, and i turned around and got shot at for this country! how dare... See More u speak about a life you have never lived! This is exactly the ideology that put the indians in the shitty world they live today. We are doing it in Afgan and Iraq right now, killing, telling them how to live and yes, protecting some although the violence is aggravated because of our presence. It's so funny how some of u think the gov. should just neglect it's people. Capitalism is the reason we have welfare, can't you see? I bet you are the same people that think everyone has a chance to make a good think everyone can go to college, u think everyone has the same chances that u do, but you are very wrong! So wrong!!! Thank you for the support Leana, im glad u know a little about the US, because some of us don't know anything about the land they live on. lol..Ignorance..Oh btw thats some racist stuff up there..and listen here..I have close friends that are muslim, and im sure u do too, they don't all think the same way as the people we face in war today, u dont know anything about me and about your country ha, I am stating first hand experience with muslim believers. Anyway, Obama is President and well nothing you guys say will change that haha. No matter what u believe, he did something right. Oh and you guys are paying his salary either way u look at it last laugh..It just sucks that u gotta pay someone u hate, and for what? Trying to make america a better place for the people that have it the worst, and u wanna impeach him for trying to "unite" the us..Are u even proud to be an american at this point? I don't believe you are..
· Matthew Gordon guess im just a simple closed minded person.. but i still think obama sucks..

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Preston Crowe sucks the cock.

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What a slack jawed faggot.


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Originally Posted by VETTKLR View Post
Preston Crowe loves AtM.

(That's Ass to Mouth, for those that don't watch a lot of pron.)
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LOL, so what if he loves socializm? Capitolizm obviously doesn't work!

Originally Posted by DON SVO View Post
Women: vaginal life support.
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His little niece doesnt deserve to eat if momma and daddy cant provide for her. If we would tell people to get bent when they cannot provide for themselves, sooner or later they will get off their lazy asses and get a job...or die. Either way, fine by me. We need more people contributing to the tax fund (and less govt spending of course). If all the lazy asses on welfare and other govt programs would get jobs and pay taxes, we could easily put a big dent in the deficit. But that will never happen as long as we enable this way of life.
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Preston Crowe is just spewing the typical liberal hate-filled rhetoric. It is poorly written, but it is there nonetheless.


If you like the IRS, DMV and the Post Office, you will love Obamacare!

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
Robert A. Heinlein

I have to agree with a quote from former Treasury Secretary William E. Simon: "Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don't vote."
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Wow, it is sickening to think that possibly all those idiots who voted for Mr. Obama think this way. Fuck the illegals, lets round these bastards up and throw them out!

NO NO NO, it should be DFWLS1's, CUMMINS, C6
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And then you deleted him right?

1967 Camaro SS/RS
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Our country was founded on greed and slavery? Yeah greed from the British crown and our desire to not be their slaves.

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No fast cars though
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What an asshole.
I remember seeing The Fox and the Hound when I was about 4 and remember a song about elimination due to lack of education. That fuck needs to see that cartoon.

1/19/09, the last day of Free America.
Pericles "Freedom is the sure possession of those alone who have the courage to defend it. "

"[T]he people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government and to reform, alter, or totally change the same when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it." --Samuel Adams

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