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U.S.S. of A

This lady says it all http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dn5-Vw9Do0g

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I am especially fond of this comment. Morons are so funny when they try to act smart.

Originally Posted by av8tor17b
If FEDEX and UPS were required by law to deliver for just 44 cents per delivery, they wouldn't make a profit either.

If the post office charged what it really costs- it would be more like 85 cents a 1st class piece of mail. Go ahead- deregulate the post office, and let it compete with UPS and Fedex at real costs.
He says Fedex and UPS would go bankrupt if the were forced to do first class mail for $.44. I love how he emphasized THE POSTAL SERVICE IS "FORCED BY LAW"

Forced from what? Raising prices?? I've got 3 books of 42cent stamps in my desk at the bank that would beg to differ.
Forced from what? Not losing my mail?? My cousin got the greeting card and the cash in it for her graduation last week...... I sent the card In MAY
Forced to do what? Having to operate like a private company, and have to cut accordingly, enough to regain profitability?? NOPE, The postmaster General is asking congress to raise the USPS debt ceiling to draw more funds.

What a fucking idiot...

Funny how he doesn't mention that FEDEX and UPS are forbidden BY LAW from even entering that market. USPS has one of the few LEGAL MONOPOLIES, and they STILL can't get their shit straight.

The logistics of the mail system are fairly staggering, yes. But when a private sompany has to think about crazy shit like "efficiency" and "reasonable wages and retirments" , not to mention actually having to make a profit at the end of the day; things get done smoother, and overall better than a govt run anything. Given the amount of mail in the us postal system, I can safely bet a grand on the fact that both FEDEX and UPS already have done the math for their ROI in the event that the USPS ever has to relenquish control, and they are chomping at the bit for the chance.

From their prospective, it's a turnkey operation with an established book of business, that by all rights should have had NO chance to lose money, but historcial entitlements of union personnel, as well as inefficiency kill even the fattest of golden geese. (Think GM going bankrupt selling Turcks and Tahoes at $40k a pop, with people wanting em.) The red ink always comes from somewhere.

"No incentive to succeed breeds incentive to underachieve" -- SC281

Such a simple concept, yet Liberals, and Govt. as a whole cannot seem to understand that it is nature of all things on the planet.

Every organism on earth has the instinct to seek one thing "homeostasis" - In laymens terms, it is the point at which things are sustainable and comfortable.
Hell, this even applies to inanimate objects, known as "equilibrium" (ex: Glass of hot water cooling down to room temperature, and then staying there. Or when a glass of ice gradually warms up to room temperaure and staying there)

When the gubment gives a check to prop up any entity, whether it be an individual, or a company; the comfortable spot is to be just under the threshold at which they lose the paycheck, because it takes alot more energy to overcome the hurdle of the gubment cheese not being there.
The law of diminishing returns takes affect, and it is counterproductive for said deadbeat to put the effort to make the money unless they KNOW it is going to be way beyond that threshold.
They same can be said for Onerrous graduated income taxes. If you are on the edge of a higher tax bracket, you can bet your ass you'd do everything you could to be under it.

To push forward my water analogies,
This would be analogous to the pot of water approaches 100*C, the water activity goes from very excited, to very little percieved activity or energy expenditure, which resembles the "zombie" company, or the welfare mooch.

But this is where it differs.. when you start talking about things that actually achieve something.

Even though it isn't percieved, a great deal of energy is actually expended when the pot of water is in the "dormant" state. The energy in the pot is being used to overcome the 99.9*C degree barrier and to begin the transfer to the next state of matter.

A great deal is also expended for the successful person in danger of a higher tax bracket to avoid the consequences of it. Their energy is expended in the form of Maxing out 401k,IRA, HSA, or any tax deductions, SOLEY in order to AVOID the higher state. (next tax bracket)
This would be shown at boiling point, when the water boils, and alot of energy is released but the temperature never goes above 100* celcius, because that is the latent heat of evaporation.
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the song sucks but the message is ok! she can sing all she wants with her protest songs and it ain't going to change shit

Keepin' The Old School Alive
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Fucking corny ass song, but she's right. We need to wake up before it's too late.

Our government needs our help, they have an addiction. Our government is addicted to our money. Since they always have our best interest at heart it's time we return the favor. We need to have an intervention, for the governments own good of course. It's just irresponsible for us to let people with a known money addiction continue to handle our money. Lets have an intervention now so we can help these sick individuals.
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I'm trying to set that shit as my ring tone!
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