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The Southern National Convenant

For those who understand and support the cause, I submit the following.

For those who point fingers, ridicule and snicker like school children, don't bother; I don't care in the least what you might have to offer. Fire away!

The Southern National Convenant

(NOTE: The Southern National Covenant has not yet been adopted by the Southern National Congress and is subject to debate and revision when the Congress assembles 11-13 September 2009 in Alabama.)

The undersigned Men and Women of the South to our fellow Southerners and on their behalf.

Our forefathersí worst nightmare has now come upon us. They created a free government, limited in its powers and a servant to the people. But today the United States has become an empire, fast decaying into tyranny; and we their children have become strangers and subjects in the land our fathers won. Instead of a free and just social and political order, today we are threatened by a godless national culture and a corrupt, despotic federal government that knows no limits to its power.

Our political leaders, setting themselves above the law, have forged an unholy alliance with large corporations and the international money cartel. These elites have purchased the law-makers who are sworn to serve the People, enabling them to expropriate our wealth in the greatest act of plunder in human history. Through threat of force, government seizes half of all we make for taxes, yet it is still not enough to satisfy the vaulting greed of our rulers. Thus government spends staggering sums above its revenues, saddling our People with debt so colossal that it cannot be repaid to the fifth generation. To service this debt, the government-banking alliance has stolen our Constitutional and God-ordained right to sound money and has given the power to create money out of nothing to corrupt, private banking interests. Federal law forces us to use only this bank-created money; and because it must be borrowed into existence, our once free people have become enslaved to debt. The burden of confiscatory taxation, combined with runaway federal spending and a currency manipulated to benefit the ruling elites, has brought our country to the brink of bankruptcy and economic collapse, with all the political and social turmoil that must inevitably follow.

The federal regime has loosed upon us floods of immigrants, strangers to our laws and language, who are displacing us on the soil our fathers won with their sweat and blood. Fomenting hostility between the races and regions, our rulers have destroyed hope and spread despair. Injustice, tyranny, corruption, and deceit are the hallmarks of their governing. They call good evil and evil good, the recompense for which is divine judgement. Accelerated by dishonesty and corruption at every level of society and swept along by daily torrent of official lies, America is plunging toward the abyss. We watch transfixed with horror at the destruction of a once free and prosperous country and are forced to acknowledge the American political and economic system is no longer sustainable. It cannot be redeemed, only replaced.

We Southerners proclaim our right to be free of these evils our ancestors warned against and shed their blood to prevent. The seeds of our deliverance remain alive within our faith, culture, and historic principles of governance. Southern culture is founded on the enduring and permanent: trust in God, family, tradition, manners, property, community, loyalty, courage, and honour. We know that free and just government cannot grow from laws, regulations, bureaucracies, and ideologies. It grows only from the soil of faith and love, watered by struggle and sacrifice, and the harvest of which is liberty, justice, prosperity, and peace.

Before all the nations of the earth we affirm that we are a separate and distinct People, with an honourable heritage worthy of the respect of all mankind. Bound together by a shared history and faith, we have endured hardship and tragedy but have also enjoyed the fruits of Christian civilisation built by Godís grace and the works of our hands. Under heaven, we possess the right to govern ourselves in our own land under our own laws, customs, and religion.

With more sadness than anger we recognize that the country our forebears bequeathed to us no longer exists. To hug to our breasts the delusion of reform is to commit suicide. By depending on the central governmentís increasingly worthless currency, its loans, subsidies, and payments, its putrescent schools, and its false promises of security, we have forged our own chains. But if we have forged our chains, we can also unforge them.

We are left with no recourse but to look to our own counsel to secure our welfare. We must ďabjure the realm,Ē withdrawing our support from the tyrannical government and corporate institutions created for our enslavement. Then we must work to restore the power of our States, the first bulwark of freedom, self-government, and Southern identity. As our forefathers did, we must establish a new foundation for law and government by all lawful and ethical means available to free men.

Therefore, with humble trust in the Sovereign Lord of Nations, and in the name of the Southern Nation and People whom we serve, we the Delegates of the Fourteen Southern States, in Congress assembled September 12, 2009 in Delta, Alabama; make and publish this Covenant, and to which we invite all Southerners who yearn for liberty and justice to join us in subscribing.

By this Covenant we corporately pledge ourselves to the protection of our Southern cultural heritage and to the defence of liberty and justice for the Southern People and States. We bind and oblige ourselves, as we are by God and nature tied, with our lives, fortunes, and sacred honour to stand in defence of our native soil and People, contrary to this perverse and infamous regime now arrayed against the South. We swear that we will be ever ready to use all our best endeavours for her preservation, and that we will not cravenly and shamefully bow the knee to tyrants. By this bond, each of us faithfully promises to assist one another as the need demands. All of which before God we most solemnly vow and promise to adhere to and never to turn from, all the days of our lives.

In mutual support of one another as Christian Southerners, we covenant together

To renounce the evils of corrupt government that our forebears warned against, and to resist by all lawful and ethical means every act of federal tyranny.

To seek to revive our local economies, working together to promote every manís prosperity as our own and toward freeing ourselves from the snare the Empireís worthless money and perpetual debt which are the lifeblood of tyranny, and seeking a return to honest public money in daily use -- gold and silver coin or currency backed by gold and silver.

To support every measure which restores the sovereignty of our State and local governments, and the sovereignty of the Southern people.

To obey no Federal executive order or statute that threatens our fundamental freedoms of speech, worship, assembly, and petition for redress, freedom from illegal search and seizure, and the right of due process under law.

Never to allow ourselves willingly to be disarmed nor submit to the confiscation of our means of lawful self defence; nor comply with any national firearms registration scheme, which is the certain precursor to confiscation.

We declare before God and men that we earnestly desire to restore a Godly order in our respective States by peaceful means. We seek only that which may turn to the honour of God and the increase of peace and justice in our States and communities. Yet the growing evils of the time may not grant us the choice of peaceful means of redress. In such a pass, when criminal violence may be directed against one of us by the state, our fortunes shall be as his fortune, his wife or husband as our wives and husbands, his children as our children, his losses as our losses, and injuries done him as injuries to our own persons; and we shall not rest till they be delivered.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF to the God of heaven, to all Southern People, to all powers, nations, and states, and to all mankind, we affix our names to this Covenant, beseeching the favour of Almighty God on a just cause. May God bless our Covenant and keep us faithful to perform all we have covenanted together to do.


Subscribed by the undersigned Citizens of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia.
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I really don't have much of a problem with this with the exception of . . .

Originally Posted by JP135 View Post
Before all the nations of the earth we affirm that we are a separate and distinct People, with an honourable heritage worthy of the respect of all mankind.
Ummmmmm . . . might want to go easy on that.

And, Secession is a declaration of civil war. "Brother against Brother". You really want that? Really?

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That would be an eye opener.

I wouldn't have any objections whatsoever.

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Originally Posted by Who Needs 8 View Post
And, Secession is a declaration of civil war. "Brother against Brother". You really want that? Really?
We are not quakers.....sometimes wars and violence are necessary.

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I feel we are a bit different, and we are, in fact, worthy of respect from all of mankind. The large majority of us depend on our own hardwork to succeed. Even the not so intelligent know the fruits of hard work and sacrifice.

While it is seen as a declaration of war, I would hope that if this did happen, that the spokepeople house the ability to handle it without war.

Make the tyranny show its ugly face for the World to see and allow us to defend ourselves.

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Originally Posted by Who Needs 8 View Post
I really don't have much of a problem with this with the exception of . . .

Ummmmmm . . . might want to go easy on that.

And, Secession is a declaration of civil war. "Brother against Brother". You really want that? Really?
So Southern people are not worthy of respect from the rest of the planet?

Secession is not a declaration of civil war. Secession does not violate any law and it does not violate the United States Constitution. In fact the Declaration of Independence clearly spells out secession as a right of all men.

If you're referring to the Amercian Civil War as a precident, I would submit that the War of Northern Aggression was in fact illegal and did constitute genocide by any current definition.
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Well said.
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