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Karl Rove worse than Osama?


Last week Time magazine turned over its reporter's notes to a special prosecutor assigned to learn who told Republican columnist Bob Novak that Valerie Plame was a CIA agent. The revelation, which effectively ended Plame's CIA career and may have endangered her life, followed her husband Joe Wilson's publication of a New York Times op-ed piece that embarrassed the Bush Administration by debunking its claims that Saddam Hussein tried to buy uranium from Niger. Time's cowardly decision to break its promise to a confidential source has had one beneficial side effect: according to Newsweek, it indicates that Karl Rove himself made the call to Novak.

One might have expected Rove, the master White House political strategist who engineered Bush's 2000 coup d'état and post-9/11 permanent war public relations campaign, to have ordered a flunky underling to carry out this act of high treason. But as the Arab saying goes, arrogance diminishes wisdom.

Rove, whose gaping maw recently vomited forth that Democrats didn't care about 9/11, is atypically silent. He did talk to the Time reporter but "never knowingly disclosed classified information," claims his attorney. But there's circumstantial evidence to go along with Time's leaked notes. Ari Fleischer abruptly resigned as Bush's press secretary on May 16, 2003, about the same time the White House became aware of Ambassador Wilson's plans to go public. (Wilson's article appeared July 6.) Did Fleischer quit because he didn't want to act as spokesman for Rove's plan to betray CIA agent Plame? Another interesting coincidence: Novak published his Plame column on July 14, Fleischer's last day on the job.

If Newsweek's report is accurate, Karl Rove is more morally repugnant and more anti-American than Osama bin Laden. Bin Laden, after all, has no affiliation with, and therefore no presumed loyalty to, the United States. Rove, on the other hand, is a U.S. citizen and, as deputy White House chief of staff, a high-ranking official of the U.S. government sworn to uphold and defend our nation, its laws and its interests. Yet he sold out America just to get even with Joe Wilson.

Osama bin Laden, conversely, is loyal to his cause. He has never exposed an Al Qaeda agent's identity to the media.

"[Knowingly revealing Plame's name and undercover status to the media]...is a violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act and is punishable by as much as ten years in prison," notes the Washington Post. Unmasking an intelligent agent during a time of war, however, surely rises to giving aid and comfort to America's enemies--treason. Treason is punishable by execution under the United States Code.

How far up the White House food chain does the rot of treason go? "Bush has always known how to keep Rove in his place," wrote Time in 2002 about a "symbiotic relationship" that dates to 1973. This isn't some rogue "plumbers" operation. Rove would never go it alone on a high-stakes action like Valerie Plame. It's a safe bet that other, higher-ranking figures in the Bush cabal--almost certainly Dick Cheney and possibly Bush himself--signed off before Rove called Novak. For the sake of national security, those involved should be removed from office at once.
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I love this stuff!

Time magazine, who exposed the name of a CIA operative (a crime ya know)..
Broke long held beliefs of the confidenciality of its sources (First amendment stuff)
Claims that Rove (pretty bright guy) committed the crime of treason (and used his own name doing it) to punish a CIA investigator (that has been strongly and effectively argued to be incompetent and a liar).
Investigator claimed (based on a 10 day trip) that certain claims of a secret deal
were false because he found no evidence of it. (even though the French, British and Isrealis found evidence it did exist..O.K. don't count the French)Caught in many lies soon after this bombshell the story starts to fade from public eyes.
After many book sales!!
Looking for another printing perhaps?
Article is a LOONNG stretch to reach the end conclusion based on one magazine reporting on another magazines actions based on as of yet undisclosed documents.
Kinda like in 6th grade...Missy told Sissy that she heard that Bobby told Billy that
someone told teacher that John told Jack that Lisa told on Lily.
Somebody needs to punch Lisa in the head and everyone else that sits at her uppity table at lunch!!!!!
Grow up and read the actual facts in the story.
Facts end at "op-ed piece" in paragraph 1.
Paragraph 2 is speculation and labeling.
Paragraph 3 has wonderfully vivid visualiation of a distortion and a lie.
also contains some wonderful speculation woven into a Quote and a timeline to get the heads bobbing.
Para 4...Just knock off the first sentance because it begins with "If" Yet it still contains words to inflame the senses.
Last sentence is what the whole article is speculating.
Para 5..!!?? Says who?
Para 6 may be the most accurate sentance in here even if it does try to expand the law to escalate the severity of the act.
Para 7 is pure lynchmob mentality aimed not just at "him" but at "THEM" and we need to "Punch em ALL in the head" for your own good!
"Are you now or have youever been a member of the Republican party??"
(I can do propoganda too ya know!!)
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There still is not solid proof that Rove leaked that information. I'm not saying he didn't do it, just saying we have a ways to go.

Time release that information because they lost their case in the US Supreme Court. Blame the courts, not time for giving up that info.

I think we'll have more information soon. One of the reporters got the go ahead by he source to give up his information. We should be able to get to the bottom of this eventually.

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the rove story is DOA

The Rove story is DOA, but the Demo dominated media is attempting to keep it alive to try and damage Bush because they hate him so much.
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Originally Posted by CobraJet4
The Rove story is DOA, but the Demo dominated media is attempting to keep it alive to try and damage Bush because they hate him so much.
But he makes himself so hateable.
Rove throws shit all over the place, and now it's coming back on him.
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