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Mag (ps3)

I want to kill whoever gave this game an 8.0 at gamespot. This game fucking blows. Blows long, and blows hard.

I'm literally upset i spent $6 to rent this piece of fucking shit game. The graphics suck, the leveling system sucks, the weapon unlocks suck. .. this whole fucking game sucks.

Who the fuck actually spends more than an hour playing this game before saying "fuck it, you win funsuckingmonster. You've sucked the fun out of this hour with a flawless victory."

Fuck you MAG, and fuck you SONY for making this piece of shit game.

Why couldn't you have made an updated PS3 version of PlanetSide if you wanted to make a game like this? It would have been incredibly better, and wouldn't have sucked dick like a great white shark.

Planetside was fucking awesome for it's time. there wasn't a "Round" system with a mmofps. You went to A HUGE FUCKING ISLAND, with multiple bases, control points, MOTHER FUCKING FORTRESSES spread out around the island. You attempted to capture/defend these control points ON A MOTHERFUCKING EPIC SCALE.

Gues when the round ended? IT DIDN'T! Because when you were done for the night, some little korean clique just came through and ransacked your shit. Guess what fucker? The next day, you get to re-take/defend that shit all over again, but now you can do it with better weapons, better cybernetic implants, better vehicles, and eventually through an upgrade, and motherfucking land mech.

Again, fuck you sony, and fuck you mag.

Shit =

better game:
Yea, that's right motherfucker. It's a goddamn zoom-out of one of three factions you could be in that game, and i don't think that even covers everything for that side.

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I take all of your game reviewing with a grain of sale due to the borderlands pic in your avatar.
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Originally Posted by DOHCTR View Post
I take all of your game reviewing with a grain of sale due to the borderlands pic in your avatar.
That's fucking stupid of you.

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i played the demo of this. didnt like it, never played it more than once. i guess lots of people can play online on 1 map at the same time? who cares... i'd rather have the standard 20-30 people and the game actually be good.
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I've actually been wondering about this game. And was really close to buying it but then i said. Wait!! I've not seen a single post about it on DFWstangs to it must not be worth it.

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The fucking combat in Mass Effect 2 is better than this shit. That should tell you something.

With Bad Company 2 about to come out, CODMW2 already out, and Viva Pinata still available, pass this shit up.

I've got the game in the car, ready to head there and demand a different game for this fucking shit.

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LOL @ your review and your sig.

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Originally Posted by Sean88gt View Post
What the fuck is going on?! White people are not supposed to be treated this way!
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Borderlands was badass and the combat is Mass Effect 2 is awesome if you know how to use your powers right. I've never played MAG, but I can barely get in to call of duty multiplayer so I'm guessing MAG wouldn't be my thing.
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Yea, MAG is not that great of a game... I bought it, and think I'm going to trade it into Gamestop.

Oh, and Zipper made the game btw, sony just published it.

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op are you also the one that hates Killzone 2? If so I guess we just have different tastes in video games becuase I like MAG and I think the graphics of borderlands look like a last generation game.( I know mags arent the best but i mean you have to admit borderlands graphics look really dated)

I guess I could see where some wouldnt like MAG especially if you do not want to play as a team or are on a team of fucktards. Its not like MW2 where you can go off on your own and spam gernades and kill people, you actually have to work together. If you still have it you should really give it a shot at least until you can be a squad leader or platoon leader becuase thats when it gets fun imo. Anyway if you wanna sell the game cheap lmk a few of my friends want it

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