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Originally posted by Frogger
We all know there isnt always enough time during the day to make a shake or have a real lunch...Being on the run has left me grabbing for some protein bars during mid day.

Some arent that bad..others are down right foul....What's your experience?...But I know its for the better good...so persevere I shall...

How about the protein drinks? Are they as filling as a shake or bar?
As far as the bars go, I've tried quite a few different brands, and I routinely stick to Pure Protein now. They have the most flavors that I can handle. None are really "nummy" but their protein bars for god's sake! I like their strawberry cheescake, and their smores aren't bad either. Vitamin world carries a "generic" brand that is supposed to be just as good quality as the Pure Protein for 6 bucks less a pack, I've tried their blueberry cheescake and like them. Now for protein drinks, the drinks are better than bars because it's more pure protein. There is a lot of debate about the glycerine content of the bars, and exactly how "good" for you they are. For a quick meal, the bars are fine IMO, but some of the hardcore health people don't like them. I never get "filled" off of shakes, but that's not always the point in me drinking them....over the course of a day, I routinely drink 2 shakes and eat 1 bar. The thing to keep in mind is that the protein bars shouldn't be confused with meal replacement bars. There is a big difference in the two. If you're trying to establish a balanced diet, perhaps the meal replacement bars would be more appropriate.
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