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Thats bullshit... Im tired of this country's liberal shit. We are so afraid of fucking hurting someones feelings that we hand them anything they want on a silver platter. They shouldn't have even had the right to a trial on us land until they become legal citizens. This country lets so many foreginers in. I go to college at Louisiana Tech. They pay foreign kids to go to school at universities and get an educationg. When they graduated they have government agencies to help them find a job. However, me the white kid who is working two summer jobs to pay for school on his own will have find a job on my own.... and then have the possibilty of hearing im overqualified because im white and companies have to meet a quota for non white workers. This country is ruining itself by the policies we make up. At the airport they will search an 80 year old lady and let the middle eastern guy thru. Im not racist.. but come on there has not been an 80 yr old white lady fly a plane into a building. Its not profiling if they are the ones doing it. And if it is profiling who gives a fuck ...do the wright thing to protect peoples lives not their feelings. Like i said im not being racists but some of this countries policies are just not right anymore.
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