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Weight Training and Supplements

I will give you a run down of where I started and where I am at now. I had 8 weeks to get in shape for a PT test. The test included:

1.5 mile run: 15 minutes or less
300 meter run: 67 seconds
Vertical Jump: 16 inches
Situps: 32 in 1 minute
Bench Press: 73% of body weight 1 time.

When I started I couldn't even run 1.5 miles. I couldn't sprint 300 meters. I could jump 16 inches. I did 10 situps and couldnt get any more. I could bench press 210 lbs 2 times with out even benching in the last 5 years.


I am 5'10" and was 293 lbs at the time. I stopped eating whatever I wanted and cut out drinking regular cokes all day. I started eating the following:

Breakfast: 5 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal, Bannana, 1 cup skim milk
Snack: Nabisco 100 calorie pack
Lunch:Stouffer's Lean Cuisine (Comfort Classic) and Diet Coke
Snack: Weight Watcher Icecream bar or Nabisco 100 calorie pack
Dinner: Stouffer's Lean Cuisine (Dinner Portion) and Diet Coke

I drank water the remainder of the day excluding lunch and supper.

My training for those 8 weeks:


Running/Jogging: Ran till I couldn't do it no more.
Situps: Did them till I couldn't go anymore.
Sprints: Started with 20 yards and worked my way up each week.

So I took the PT test yesterday and this was the result.

Weight in: 250 pounds (43 pound loss in 8 weeks)
3 minute step test: Heart rate 118
300 meter run: 52 seconds
1.5 mile run: 13 minutes flat
Vertical Jump: 21 inches
Situps: 32 in 50 seconds
Bench Press: I was suppost to bench 185 lbs but couldn't get it up.

Now I couldn't figure out why I could go to the gym 8 weeks ago and bench 210 with out benching in 5 years and now I cant get 185lbs up. I talked to the instructors and they said it was because I lost muscle strength with the rapid weight loss.

Now my question. I have 2 weeks to re-test on the bench press only! I heard that I should be eating protein before I weight train and carbohydrates after I finish. I have no clue what foods I should be eating or how many minutes I should be eating before and after I work out.

I need help with a bench press plan and a supplement plan. Maybe like a protein bar before and a protein or carbohydrate bar after or food ideas. Any knowledgable help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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The problem is that the 43 lbs that you lost was not all fat, in fact much of it was probably muscle.

Did you do the bench last? If so you should be fine next time (assuming that it is all that you are doing). Odds are that during all the runs you burned out all the available energy so that although you had the strength to push the weight, you didn't have the energy. If you did it first then I don't have an answer for you.

43lbs in 8 weeks is not really healthy, but it looks like you made great cardiovascular gains. Get your bench and then work hard on keeping in shape.

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Looks like your diet lacked A LOT. When you take in more protein than necessary, it overflows into fat. When you do not take in enough carbs for the energy you are expending, you burn your muscle stores. Eat a balanced diet for the next couple of weeks.

take in a smoothie or meal replacement after your workout. If all you care about is getting that 185 on bench, then work out heavier on bench and get a spot. You should be able to get 185, just dont overwork your muscles.
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If you are trying to get stronger, protein is a must. Take a protein supplement a few times a day, the general rule is to get a g of protien per pound of body weight. Its especially important to have some within an hour of the completion of your workout. When you lift focus on using heavy weight with low reps for now. My workouts are centered around 5 sets of 5 reps, increasing the weight each set until the last one where I can only get 5 reps.
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Heavier weight and less reps is the way to go alright! Assuming you're in good shape to begin with. Too much protien is kinda hard on your kidneys though.
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Thanks for all the help. I hired a personal trainer that will be helping me for the next two weeks. I will be doing 3 days of cardio and 3 days of weight training. He will be with me on the weight training days to make sure I am doing everything correctly. I will do may cardio on my own. It involves the following:

Martial Arts/self Defense 1 and a 1/2 hours Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I follow that up with a 1 mile run/jog, 10-50 yard sprints (will work up to 100 yards), jump rope, and jumping jacks. I was running a mile and a half and moved it up to 2 miles but its just taking to long to get it all finished.

I also started taking CELLMASS and Whey Protein. I will be taking the Whey Protein 3 times a day. Once in between breakfast and lunch, another 1 hour before my weight training/ Cardio and another as soon as I finish. I will take the CELLMASS 30 minutes after finishing my weight training/ Cardio and another 6-8 hours after the last dose. I was told to cycle on the CELLMASS 12 weeks and off 4 weeks. I was told to stay on the protein all the time.

I am open for more suggestions, so please let me know if you have any.
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Make sure you are working out other muscles as well as your chest for benching. I do a pretty decent chest/tricep workout on mondays and when I was a lot smaller and a lot weaker I saw very good gains in strength doing a sunday/thursday split working out chest/tris twice in the week. also whenever you have a free minute do pushups. Make sure you are doing decline and incline workouts as well.

Are you using dumbells to bench at all? I primarily use these but when I get stuck I switch to bar for a few weeks and it helps me go up in weight a bit. If you can bench a little less than 185, do a warm-up set with 25s 10x, go up to 40s 10x, and then do 10 at 50 and 6-8 at 55 or 60, this should be abuot your max. If you can do more weight go for it for the last set. My sets are usually 10x @ 40, 10x @ 80, 10x @ 100 and 6 or so @ 115, then I do about 15 pounds lighter in each in decline and incline but stop at 85-90 for my final sets most weeks. Might help a bit or at least be interesting to see how you do
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Originally Posted by GA Racer
Heavier weight and less reps is the way to go alright! Assuming you're in good shape to begin with. Too much protien is kinda hard on your kidneys though.
How so? Ive been on and off a high protein diet for years with no adverse effects, by high protein I mean over 200 g a day.
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I think he means protein in the form of shakes and bars. And yes its hard on your kidneys...
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