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Starting out

I just started working out today, but I am confused. Right now taking hydorxycut, nitro-tech, cell-tech, and multi-vitas. I am 216lbs., 6'1" at 24% body fat. the trainer at 24hrs said I must lose wieght before bulking up. I want to get big, and I want to trim up. I am consuming 200 grams of protien a day and she said that is also not good... any opinions on this???
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Ask him or her, why is it not good if most of your caloric intake derives from protein supplementation?
Well besides the odor you leave behind?
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Originally Posted by Bad A$$ Coupe
I just started working out today, but I am confused. Right now taking hydorxycut, nitro-tech, cell-tech, and multi-vitas. I am 216lbs., 6'1" at 24% body fat. the trainer at 24hrs said I must lose wieght before bulking up. I want to get big, and I want to trim up. I am consuming 200 grams of protien a day and she said that is also not good... any opinions on this???
Well at 6'1" and 216 with your body fat at 24% I would definately suggest hitting the treadmill before the weights. I'm guessing that by those stats you aren't in the best of shape so my recomendation would be to work on your stamina through cardiovascular exercise so that you will be able to make it through a good weight lifting session. so here's a work out scenario and diet that i would recommend.

1.) Get off all of the supplements. Hydroxycut is bullshit, Nitro-tech and cell-tech are to use once your in the swing of things, and a multivitamin is good but if your eating a well balanced diet your getting all the vitamins you need from your food. The only supplement I recommend is Met-Rx protein products. Either a big 100 bar or a shake after you work out is good to start. Balance your diet, eat a variety of things and make sure you get the carbs you need each day. Atkins is a fad diet and unless your frigin Arnold or King Coleman you don't need to over do it as much as you are on the protein. The best thing you can do right now is with in your daily calorie needs to lose weight. If I were you I would focus on eating no more then 2200 calories a day and drinking a shit load of water. If you want i can do a complete calorie work up for you.

2.) Spend at least an hour and a half in the gym 5 days a week to start. Do a half hour of cardio, I like to swim for the total cardio but the excercise bike is fine too, it's up to you. the other hour do a well rounded weight routine. Chest and tris one day, back and bi's the next, and shoulders and legs the last then repeat. do four sets of 12 reps of each exercise focusing on lifting a weight that is challenging but is not so heavy you lose form. EVERYTHING IS FORM! After about two weeks if you follow this you should build up good stamina and see some gains. if you can stick to the calorie intake then you should lose a few pounds as well but you'll look and feel bigger.

Well I think I wrote enough on here. Just know I'm not bullshitting you and that I have a background in nutrition and health care so I'm telling you the clinical truth. If you have any other questions feel free to pm me.

Good luck and don't give up it takes some hard work.
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I'll disagree with your trainer and the other poster. If you are trying to gain muscle mass, you need your protein to the tune of at least 1-1.5 gram per lb lean mass. In your case at 24% body fat you have about 165lbs lean mass so you are in the range of 165 grams - 247 grams. Effectively, you are right in the middle.

Train hard, lift heavy weight keeping form. It's the only way to grow muscle. Big weight = big muscle. Since you are just starting out, stick in the 10-12 rep range. The key is to get your sets to the 30-40 second range per set. Slow movement.

Kick up your pre workout carbs on the days you weight train. On your weight training days, 60-70% of your calories should come from carbs and 20% from protein, the rest from fats. Get most of your carbs preworkout. Your calories should be about 10x your bodyweight, most of it before working out. Eat some carbs and protein after your workout within an hour.

On your non-weight training days, kick up the protein and lower the carbs. On non-weight training days, about 20% should come from carbs, 50% from protein and the rest from fats. Your calories should be about 10x body weight, taken normally through out the day, spaced through 6 meals.

Training wise I'd do:
M-W-F : full body resistance training, low intensity cardio (on the treadmill, 30-45 minutes, you should be able to hold a conversation)
T-TH-Maybe Saturday: high intensity cardio intervals. Warm up, sprint for 20 seconds, jog for 40 seconds, repeat 10-12 times.

This works because you are giving your body what it needs when it needs it. It burns s fat while placing your body into a glycogen depleted state to get your body into a high insulin state so the body is ready to suck up all the nutrition on your weight training days (your short-term, before workout carbs overfeeding).

If that is a little too much for you to accomplish, then, yes, concentrate on either losing weight, or gaining muscle. I'm not saying that to be rude, it does require alot of planning and isn't right for everyone. I'm lucky because I work at home, so I have 10 steps to a fully stocked kitchen. So it works for me.

Not until you get to a state where you are an advanced bodybuilder do you have to worry about either losing weight or gaining mass. As a beginner or intermediate you can accomplish both with a little planning.

A good progress indicator is that your scale doesn't show much (if any) weight loss, but you look tighter. It means you are gaining muscle while losing fat.

As far as the supplements, if it works and you don't mind spending the money, take them. I take an Animal Pak (basically a multi-vitamin) and occasionally cycle in some Animal-Cuts. About the only other thing is a few protein whey shakes through out the day mixed with water or skim-milk.

Good luck.

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