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Anyone need Hydroxycut or Xenadrine? Plus Eating tips and strategies!

Look in the Misc. for sale section for the Hydroxycut or Xenadrine.

Here are some helpful tips on eating. These are general tips for someone who is trying to diet and wants to go on a strict regiment that will help them lose those excess pounds. It is not easy. And if your're trying to build mass and get muscular without compromising the need to increase caloric intake, this isnt for you.

Here are some "food Rules" you can follow to help with your eating habits and manipulate your diet the correct way...

Hope everyone is doing well!

1. CHEW ALL FOOD CLOSE TO LIQUID For best digestion - chew all food close to a liquid before swallowing.

2. Avoid overeating at any one meal – do not overload

3. Eat one type of food at a time

4. Limit volume of food and frequency of eating – cut down to two meals/day or besides eating 3 big meals, try 4-6 small meals. This avoids the extra food you cant digest being stored as excess bodyfat.

5. Avoid eating fruit and vegetables at the same meal

6. Avoid a larger variety of foods at any one meal – no more than three, max four.

7. After meals, avoid cold drinks, carbonated beverages, and icy desserts


9. Practice proper food combinations at each meal

10. When eating proteins (fish, chicken, red meat) do not eat any starch (potatoes, rice, macaroni) Have salad or vegetables instead.

11. When eating rice and potatoes, do not eat red meat, chicken, or fish. Eat salad or vegetables instead.

12. Eat only fruit before noon (from wake-up to noon) to allow the body to finish the cleansing process from the food eaten the night before.

13. Avoid donuts and other pastries and bread products in the morning.

14. Drink purified water throughout the day. ALOT!

15. Study why you eat when you are not hungry. Cut down on eating to satisfy your impulses and emotions. Study your eating cues.

16. Pay attention to your body’s hunger cues. Ask yourself if you are hungry before you start eating.

17. Whenever you realized that you have been eating poorly, renew your efforts to eat better.

18. Make a conscious effort to have more good and healthy eating days than unhealthy eating days.

19. Eat foods that give protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. But in the proper combinations.

20. RULE 1: Do not combine pure fats (butter, cream, bacon fat) with high starches (potatoes, bread, cereal, sweets) at any one meal. If you're having bacon for breakfast, don't eat cereal or bread. If you're having potatoes for lunch and a sweet desert, don't put butter on your potatoes or cream in your coffee.

21. RULE 2: Don't combine acids and carbohydrates. Don't take buttermilk, orange juice, lemon juice, grapefruit juice or vinegar at any meal which also includes high starches and sugars.

22. RULE 3: Do not combine high proteins (meat, fish, poultry, eggs, cheese) with high starches (potatoes, cereals, breads, pasta, sweets) at the same meal.

23. BASIC RULE - Eat the most watery food first

a. The general rule is: Be sure you eat enough of the vital food elements; and be sure you eat them in the right combinations.

1. Do not combine pure fats (butter, cream or bacon) with high starches (potatoes, cereals, breads, pasta, cakes or sweets) in any one meal.

2. Do not combine acids (citrus juices, vinegar, buttermilk) with high starches at any one meal.

3. Do not combine high proteins (meats, fish, eggs, cheese) with high starches at any one meal.

24. AVOID THESE COMBINATIONS (You'll be surprised how easily this is done)

Bread with butter (use jam or preserves instead - put the butter on proteins)
Potatoes with butter (good potatoes need no butter - use salt and pepper)
Rolls or toast with bacon (substitute any 5% vegetable, fried tomatoes or mushrooms)
Cereals with cream (use a little milk and sugar or honey)
Meat with potatoes and bread (the old reliable standby and one of the worst of all combinations)
Rolls and frankfurters (except when you go to Coney Island)
Cream sauce (you are better off without it, diet or no diet, except when MaMa makes it!)
Rich ice cream (if made with much sugar and pure cream)
Whipped cream - or any cream - on starchy desserts (use jam or preserves - they taste better anyway)
Pork with baked beans (Pork may be cooked with baked beans, for flavoring only)
Vinegar and oil dressings with starchy meals (very good, however, with protein meals)

24. Reduce or eliminate red meat, poultry and fish. Replace with health-supporting grain, legume and potato-based dishes. Or, start by giving yourself larger servings of rice, potatoes, and vegetables at meals - and even smaller portions of meat.

25. Increase intake of calcium rich vegetables - broccoli, carrots, kale, chard, mustard greens, etc. Choose more raw fruits and vegetables: Cooking destroys nutrients. Try for 50% of your daily intake as uncooked foods, and gradually increase the proportion. Buy organic!

26. Reduce the “luxury” fats. Hydrogenated oils (like margarine) are artificially thickened vegetable oils that can damage your arteries and have been linked to some cancers. Gradually eliminate both butter and margarine from your diet. Reduce your use of cooking oils and oil-based salad dressings. Switch to non-fat (or low-fat) versions.

27. Replace dairy products with non-dairy foods.

28. Reduce refined carbohydrates (white flour, white sugar, white rice, etc.) by choosing whole grain products and natural sweeteners (fruits, juices, maple syrup, etc.)

29. Eat slowly! It takes your brain 20 minutes to send your stomach a message that it you are full. Let it happen naturally.

30. Use a smaller plate. You can “trick” yourself into consuming less food this way.
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