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Re: Kerry, not

Originally posted by jyro

However, in the present political arena, he evidently has succeeded in gaining the support of some well-meaning but misled Americans. Given his past record, it is just astonishing that he has garnered any support from our nation's veterans.

I hope all will reconsider their support for Senator Kerry in light of his actions which were so detrimental to our Vietnam combat soldiers, sailors and airmen many of whom are not here today to tell you themselves.

Thank you for considering my views. Please share what I have written with your fellow vets....

Joe Crecca
Vietnam POW
Given your situation during the Viet Nam "conflict" I surely do not intend to minimize your situation. I greatly applaud your contribution! The fact that Kerry was there with you (only shot 3 times) makes him as much of a Hero as you sir. I had 5 very good friends that did not return at all, and other friends that are vets and are still sickened by the whole ordeal. So, in my eyes that makes you (POW) and Kerry (shot 3 times) fortunate in a twisted sort of way. My one question is this. Other than some well connected Corporations (deja vu), who did the Viet Nam "conflict" benefit?

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