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The card did not come with a driver disk. Win98 first edition is installed on the PC. I installed the card, booted up, and Win98 recognized the USB host adapter, installed the driver, and then said it was installing the driver for the root hub. When I went to device manager to make sure things were good, the root hub had the ol' yellow sign with exclamation point, and the error message in the properties section said what I stated above. I removed the root hub device, rebooted and tried again without success. I checked online for drivers and found a couple on usb-drivers.com. No luck. I even copied the files to the windows/system folder, removed the root hub device, rebooted, and still yellow sign and same error message. When I tried update driver, it asked for the Win98 CD, and I redirected it to the folder I created with the new files, but that didn't work either. If I had the damn CD this wouldn't be an issue I am sure. Thanks.
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