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Personally, I try to eat about an hour before working with weights, not cardio. I like to do cardio on an empty stomach. Try an apple on your way out the door for weight training. The glucose in the apple will hit your liver quickly, providing you with glycegen to give you a boost while working out.

After working out, the faster you can get that protein drink in you, the better. You have like a 45 min window or something, but many body builders seem to believe by experience, that the sooner, the better.

Got Boost is right about the insulin spike. Taking 100 grams or so of some type of simple sugar (dextrose, honey) causes your body to produce an insulin spike. Insulin is the hormone DIRECTLY related to the increase in muscle mass. The insulin spike allows your muscles to absorb more of the nutrients in your blood stream at the time. So this is a perfect time to get your creatine in, protein, etc. Some guys do this twice. Once for their post-workout meal, and again for the last meal of the nite. But the last meal is 100 or so grams of clean complex carbs, such as pasta, or rice, or potatoes.
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