How to install a Lincoln Mark VIII Electric Fan

By Bryan Sharer

This is the Lincoln Mark VIII fan installed on my car. The install looks factory, especially when you use the factory overflow bottle. Photo by Jose A.

Here's a little diagram I put together to help show what needs to be done to fit a Lincoln Mark VIII fan to a 79-93 5.0 Mustang. This diagram is based on a car with a 3 core aftermarket radiator. If your still using the stock radiator, then you might get by with out having to cut the shroud thinner. The (yellow) tabs on the right only need be trimmed if desired.

This info was give to me by Matt W.
part # is F3LY8C607A

93-96 use p/n F3LY 8C607 A @ 245.80
The 93-96 spin 1100 rpms on low and 1850 on highspeed.

97's use p/n F7LZ 8C607 AB @ 196.23
98's use p/n F8LZ 8C607 AA @ 140.11
Th8LZ 8C607 AA @ 140.11
The 97-98 spin 1800 on low and 2225 on high.

They all look the same, all come with a shroud. The 93-96 spin slower according to Ford Motorsport Tech line.

Supplies and Tools:Lincoln Mark VIII electric fan (I used 93-96), radiator ties (used to mount tranny coolers to radiator), drill, dremel or jig saw, misc. wiring connections, 30 amp relay, 10/12/14 guage wires, and the appropriate hand tools. (Its also almost mandatory that your car be upgraded with a 130A 3G alternator)

1.First you need to remove your stock fan, fan clutch, and shroud. Note: This install goes much smoother when you also remove the radiator, especially if you still have the A/C.

2.Re-install the bolts that held the fan assembly to the water pump pulley. Check the clearance on the back side of the pulley between the bolts and the water pump housing. You might need smaller bolts, or you might need to cut/grind the bolts shorter. Its not recommended to use more washers as that will leave less room for the fan motor.

3.Decide whether you are going to re-use the factory overflow bottle, or use an after market piece. (If using aftermarket, jump to step 4.) If you are going to re-use th re-use the factory piece, then you must first un-bolt it from the factory shroud. The factory bolts and clips can be used to mount the bottle. Mock up the bottle to the driver's side of the fan, you will see where you must clearance the fan mounting brackets. I used a dremel and cut the ridges flush with the surface. The bottle will simply lay flat after this. Next, mark your holes, and drill. Do not attach the bottle at this time.

4.Measure the width of your radiator ties. Using the appropriate drill bit, drill 1 hole in each of the corners of the Mark VIII fan. (I measured an inch and a half away from the corners) Slip the ties into the holes with the tail pointing towards the radiator.

5.Now, mount the overflow bottle to the shroud. To use the factory hardware, hold the clip with a pair of pliers while you tighten the bolt. Hey, it works! You could buy some grade 8 nuts and bolts...but why?

6.Get some help for this part. Test fit the fan and radiator together in the car. You should have about a half inch clearance between the water pump and the fan motor. You may need to slide the fan to the left or right to clear the snout of the water pump. Remember where the fan is placed in order to mount it correctly.

7.Now, gently slide the ties through the radiator and push the fan tight to the radiator. The fan fits perfectly between the top and bottom. There should be no part of the fan above or below the radiator. If so, pull it off and try again. There will probably be around an inch on each side of the shroud between the tanks, depending on your needs. Once satisfied, slide on the foam pads and the other half of the ties. Pull the ties snug, but do not over tighten. Snip the excess length of the ties off.

8.Next, install the fan and radiator combo into the car. Install brackets, overflow connections, and make sure the fan is secure.

Here's another diagram that shows the basics to wiring up a relay for this application. For the key on 12V, I spliced into the wiring harness near the mass air meter. But, there are numerous places to get key on 12V under the hood. There are other possibilites when wiring this fan up. You could have the fan turned on at a certain temperature. You could also buy one of those Hayden adjustable units. I chose to have the fan on all the time, thats why I simply used a relay. In the winter I may put a toggle in the key on 12V source so that I can turn the fan off if I chose.

9.Now its time to get some power. First, familiarize yourself with the wiring of the relay. Then, find a suitable place to mount the relay (the fan's connections are on the passenger side). When happy, Run a 10 guage wire from the positive side of the solenoid to the relay. Run another 10 guage wire from the relay to the fan, and some 10 guage wire from the fan to a good ground. Now, with some 12/14 guage wire, run a line from key on 12v to the relay. And finally run some 10 guage wire from the relay to a good ground. The 10 guage wire on the grounds is over kill, but it pays to be safe. Wireloom to taste.

10.Check everything! When satisfied, turn the key and make sure the fan comes on, and goes off when the key is off. Do not let it run for very long with out the car will drain your battery. Check everything again. Enjoy.

Special thanks to Kim for helping me with my fan install.