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Tranny install help

Need some help from my fellow Mustangers,
I have a '93 coupe with a T5. A while back I had a trans problem that caused the front u-joint to break and the driveshaft to fall out of the car. I found that the mainshaft was about 15 degrees out of round and not sure if this was a cause of the u-joint breaking or an effect. The tail shaft and the bellhousing were broken also. Had all that replaced and put the transmission back in. I am using the same centerforce dual friction clutch and pressures plate but replaced the clutch cable. the problem is that the clutch will not disengage when the pedal is all the way to the floor. When I went to start the car it lurched forward, again with the clutch pressed down all the way. I have an adjustable cable and no matter how far I adjust it, the clutch still will not disengage. The clutchfork is on the ball stud and from what I can see the Throw out bearing is on the clutchfork correctly and moes forward and back with the clutch fork. I'm not sure where to go from here so would someone let me know what to check before I go through the trouble of pulling the tranny AGAIN. This is a major pain in the ass because I am working in my driveway on jackstands.
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