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: Pool Question - Mastic

05-03-2009, 02:46 PM
I need to replace the "mastic" (not sure of the spelling).. It is the expansion joint between the pool deck and the coping. I stopped by Leslie's Pool Supply, and they had no idea what I was talking about.

Where do you get it??

I live East Dallas (Rowlett - Garland area), and if there is a "pool person" on the forum looking for work... Well - reply to this message. Otherwise, I will do it myself if I can locate the supplies.

05-03-2009, 07:34 PM
Leslies *used* to carry it, but they may not anymore. I need to replace mine, too. A ruberized calk will work fine, but it isnt east to find either. Post up when you locate it.

Edit, they still have it. http://www.lesliespool.com/browse/Home/Pool-Deck-Repair/Deck-Protectors/Deck-O-Seal-One-Step-Dura-White/D/30100/P/1:100:17000:1700020/I/26270

05-03-2009, 07:39 PM

Fun stuff, easy to put down..just the prepwork can be fun depending on the size of pool and the depth of the gap. May need sand/ or foam to fill joint.

05-03-2009, 09:41 PM
white cap supply. I use the one in allen. also if you dont need any color besides gray try Home depot in the concrete section, Product is Made by SIKA Self leveling expansion joint sealent

05-04-2009, 09:21 AM
Excellent - thanks! PoolPlaza has it in stock, and will order today.

05-24-2009, 07:55 AM
For what it's worth... The SIKA product from Home Depot is (hands down) the easiest expansion joint sealant I have ever worked with. Truly self-leveling, and looks professional when complete.

I am returning the Dura-Seal for the pool as Home Depot has the SIKA in sandstone, and is quite a bit cheaper then the "one for a pool". I did the driveway yesterday, and it looks perfect. Will sprinkle sand on top of the SIKA for the pool to give it a better look...

05-24-2009, 10:02 AM
if the joints are wide and/or deep fill them half way up with baker rod.(round foam)the use the deck-o-seal.sprinkle sugar sand over the caulk before it drys.

looks very nice.g/l

05-24-2009, 05:08 PM
I picked up a bag of "play sand" but it looks too coarse for finishing. Where do you buy sugar sand??

06-03-2009, 01:42 PM
go to a masonry supply house.pull over and ask a wetty.they can tell you.i get mine from MPI in austin.

06-04-2009, 08:16 AM
Thanks.. I used the play sand, and have to admit - it came out better than expected.

For those of you who are replacing the mastic on your pool - go get the multi-purpose tool from Harbor Freight. It is on sale for $40-bucks, and made the removal so easy...... I love this tool. I used some backer rod in the joint, and left about 1/2" depth for the Sika to fill. Did the pool in 10-foot sections <e.g. removed the old sealant, backer rod in areas that was too deep, sandstone color Sika (Home Depot), and sprinkle sand on when it self-levels>. Looks perfect, and I am glad that I didnt spend the money on te DuraSeal.

Link to the Multi-Tool (it does everything - I may buy a spare):